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every day I consider a vow of silence; everything I write is a vow
- wangeci gitau



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Wangeci (she/they) is a Kenyan-born writer, painter, designer, teacher, and activist from the Kikuyu tribe living in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

/ about me

As an artist, Wangeci lives by Audre Lorde’s words, “your silence will not protect you.” Her writing and activism center around her experiences taking up space on American soil as an immigrant queer African femme.


She is the author of poetry collections “there’s the truth then there are other things” (2019) and “i'm not allowed to explain (only foreshadow and reminisce)” (2021). In 2022, she was featured on the show “Stories from the Stage” which aired on WorldChannel and PBS.


Wangeci is the co-founder & prose editor at Exposed Brick Literary Magazine and an 8th grade ELA teacher. In her spare time, Wangeci is working on a novel. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Literary Arts from the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College.


exclusive access
& behind the scenes

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/ why the squiggles

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i've always known i was a writer, but there was a time i couldn't write. even though i was a prolific and outspoken child, i found myself scared of my words and their consequences on my life and the lives of those i loved. at that time, i had undergone trauma and i was having a hard time thinking as well. i couldn't speak, i couldn't write, i could only doodle. the doodles felt like a way to make sense of the chaos, a way to quantify the confusion i was experiencing. i doodled like every line was a path i took that didn't pan out, a path back to myself. eventually, those doodles became words, which become tweets, which became poems, then essays, and now are on their way to being a novel. looking back, the doodles themselves are beautiful and comforting and they remind me of how far i have come, and how expression is important in all stages of life. if you enjoy my doodles, you can purchase them from my art store at 

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